Jet Black Indoor Training Suite

If you are looking into a new indoor training set up, you can't go past JetBlack. 

The ultimate indoor cycling training suite includes: 

Jet Black Volt Smart Trainer

Jet Black Rocker Plate

Jet Black Turn Riser Block

These three products work together to mirror your outdoor riding experience indoors. 

Jet Black Volt Smart trainer

This trainer ticks all of the boxes when it comes to an interactive smart wind trainer. The Jet Black Volt performs competitively with Tacx smart trainers, Elite Smart Trainers & Wahoo Smart trainers.

Some Key Benefits:

  • Comes pre assembled with an 11 speed cassette
  • Fully interactive 
  • Zwift compatible
  • +/- 2.5% power accuracy
  • Gradient simulation up-to 16%
  • 1800 watts max power

JetBlack Rocker Plate

The JetBlack Rocker Plate will protect your body and your bike from the pressures of indoor cycle training and will give you a supreme ergonomic experience.

The slight movements of the Rocker Plate relieves pressure points on the sit bones, wrists and shoulders enabling you to ride more comfortably for longer.

Zwift Trainer: The JetBlack Volt Cycle Trainer is fully compatible with Zwift.

Buying an Indoor Smart Trainer

We offer FREE Shipping on all Smart Trainers & Trainer Accessories Nationwide. 

Delivered to your door in a maximum of 4 days. 

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