The best road bike tyre?

When you look at the make up of your machine, your tyres are the last part connecting you to the tarmac. 

Choosing the right tyre is vital. 

But how do you choose from such a wide selection? 

What do you look for in a good tyre?

The most important elements we look for in a road tyre are:

  • Puncture Proof 
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Mileage

The table below illustrates our best selling tyres and their rating out of 10 in these areas.

S-Works Turbo Cotton

The fastest tyre on the market. Need a tyre for race day? This is it! 

Continental GP 5000

The best of everything. You get speed, mileage and puncture resistance all in one. 

Looking for a great quality training and racing tyre? This is it!

S-Works Turbo Tyre

A great allrounder at an affordable price point. 

Looking for a faster training tyre? This is it!

Continental Grand Sport

The perfect tyre to get the hard training kilometres in. If you aren't too worried about speed, this tyre is great value!

Specialized Roubaix

Save money on tubes because these things rarely puncture. A great training tyre. We've even used them on gravel.

Looking for a puncture proof tyre? This is it!

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