The Elite Suito T Interactive Direct Drive Smart Trainer

Powerful, solid and quiet, The Elite Suito T is an interactive home trainer designed to offer a realistic, accurate and fun bicycle workout experience.

Compact Design

The main feature of this home trainer is the sturdy steel structure, ideal to ensure durability and stability even during intense sprints. 

Featuring an elegant and solid profile, SUITO-T has a wide support base with pre-assembled support legs. Just position them properly to trigger the automatic lock mechanism.

SUITO-T is designed to ensure small footprint wherever you go: its integrated handle, reduced size and slim profile makes it easy to transport and store everywhere without worrying about its footprint. 

SUITO-T optimized design makes it compatible with various bicycle models and commercially available sprocket sets. Accurate and powerful bicycle workouts


Accurate and Powerful Smart Trainer

The Elite Suito T simulates gradients up to 15% with ± 2,5% accuracy, one of the most powerful home trainers you can use to release all your power even during the most intense sprints.

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Zwift compatible smart trainer NZ

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