Why Buy An Indoor Smart Trainer?

Time Efficient

Time is something many cyclists lack. A smart trainer allows you to jump straight on the bike not having to worry about things such as:

  • Charging lights
  • What to wear
  • Taking spare tubes for punctures

Accurate & structured training

The presence of a built in power meter allows you to structure your training, set goals, and measure your performance. A short, solid workout on the trainer will be much more effective than most road rides. If you are looking to improve your performance on the road, then a smart trainer is a must!


Zwift makes indoor cycling and training fun and entertaining in a way turbo training never used to be. Zwift even lets you partake in races and organised group rides. You can join a group session or race at almost any time of the day. 

Realistic Road Feel​

Interactive smart trainers such as the Elite Suito T & the Tacx Flux S make your indoor riding a realistic riding experience. When using Zwift, the trainer will increase resistance to match the changing gradient on the app.

Cost effective

Having a good indoor set up can save you loads of money over winter. Save on components and cleaning products by staying indoors. Bike parts get battered in wet conditions. A smart trainer is the perfect solution.


Winter means rain, cold, and lack of daylight. Drivers are much less likely to see you on the road in winter or in darker parts of the day. The technology in smart trainers now provide a realistic riding experience. When paired with Zwift riding indoors can be social aswell. This is a much safer place to be clocking kilometres.

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