Ride With Lights Night & Day

Visibility whilst out on the roads is more important than ever. As cycling becomes more popular, so does the need for precaution. The best precaution we can take as cyclists is the use of flashing lights. 

Why are cyclists hard to see?

Selective attention is a process in which humans only take notice of things they deem to be important or applicable to their situation. Therefore motor vehicle drivers are primarily looking for other vehicles when they are driving. Not cyclists. 

Do lights really help during the day?

As you ride, you pass various backgrounds all with different lighting. A motor-vehicle is doing the same. So the angle at which you are visible to drivers is always changing. All it takes is for you to pass a hedge or a bush whilst the driver approaches and you can be barely visible. Refer to the photo below.

Photo Credit: Cycling Tips

A study published in 2013 by Madsen et al, using 3845 cyclists over a year discovered that cyclists with permanently mounted lights are 19% less likely to be involved in an incident than those without. 

So, what lights do I need?

Lucky for you, we have recently published our latest recommendations on lights here.

Or, Browse our range of lights here.


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