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Buyers Guide - Lights

Buyers Guide - Lights

With so many options available, choosing the right light can be a challenge. 

As a general guide:

To see in the dark, we would opt for something with at-least 800 lumens for the front. A minimum of 50 lumens on the rear is optimal for visibility.

Dusk/Dawn is when visibility is at its lowest, so we recommend the same options as at night here.

During the day, although visibility is high, it is extremely important to use lights. Learn more about the importance of lights at all times HERE.

Below is our buyers guide with options for all riders.

 Riding Time

Front Light

Rear Light

Front/Rear Combo




The Garmin Varia RTL515:

If safety is important to you, the Varia is the way to go. The safety features included in this powerful light are the best in the industry. Check out our full review of the Garmin Varia HERE.




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